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Chef Anthony Guiett, Executive Chef

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Chef Anthony Guiett, Executive Chef, has focused his attention on building a highly regarded food service reputation. Chef Anthony’s primary passion is both nouvelle cuisine and traditional comfort food. Furthermore, Chef’s vision extends to fine dining concepts which originate in the kitchen and culminate at the table, offering members an exemplary culinary experience, service and atmosphere. Chef Anthony enjoys staying current on industry trends, as well as studying classical cuisine, always pursuing the freshest ingredients available. A Warwick employee since 2006, Chef Anthony has gleaned techniques under the tutelage of three different chefs, each bringing a different philosophy and perspective to the Country Club culinary experience. Chef has also worked alongside international Chefs during several North American International Auto Shows, catering exclusively to automotive industry Executives. He is also a member of the Flint/Saginaw Valley Chapter of the American Culinary Federation, which recognizes and represents the highest in industry standards. Chef Anthony humbly and excitedly accepts the challenge of his role role as Executive Chef, and will strive to continually enhance the experience of our Members.